Face Mask Type II



Our face masks are made in Belgium and consist for 98% of European materials. They have all the required test reports from accredited laboratories and a certificate from a third party stating the used standard EN 14683: (2019). We offer a bacterial filter efficiency BFE (%) of >98.5% and a breathing resistance (Pa/cm²) between 38  and 39 Pa/cm².



- Stops more than 98,5% of the aerosol larger than 2.6 microns.
- Easy and efficient to use for the entire lifespan (maximum 4 hours).
- Fits perfectly on the face and filters all the air you breath.
- Made in Belgium.

- Not dependent on a foreign supplier.
- Packed per 10 pieces to make it easier to distribute.

- NBN  EN 14683:2019 Type II

- Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >98,5%

- Differential Pressure Test 38 - 39 Pa/cm²

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