Dromedary Industries as a commercial group with the producer ECAmed (as a division of ECA N.V.),
provides various sectors internationally with the most sustainable, safe and comfortable face masks. We are therefore convinced that high-quality and sustainable masks from European (Belgian) production are essential to strategically contain the urgent spread of the coronavirus. Together, we supply and produce premium (medical) face masks with the highest possible protection and comfort as the first alternative for the lower quality (Asian) masks.

Dromedary Industries works with ECAmed under an exclusive collaborative partnership for the distribution of face masks. At the beginning of the corona crisis, the initiative was taken to set up a production of medical masks in Belgium, initially under the NBN-EN 14683:2019 Type 2 and Type 2R standard. The quantity we supply is unique within Europe and we have built up a strategic position within the European market, as we are completely independent from Asian material manufacturers and machines. ECAmed uses only high-quality materials through European material manufacturers that produce exclusively and directly for ECA, so there is always a large quantity of materials available for the production.

ECA N.V., as the producer of the face masks, is founded in 1948 and is mainly active in the automotive industry. In different locations in Europe and in the world, they are producing interior parts for different brands. To give an indication and reference are the customers of ECA the following: Ford, PSA, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover,….etc. In the automotive world, the ECA Group is known as very flexible and reliable with an outstanding quality. This is in fact also the mission statement of our company and we also apply these core values for the face mask production.

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