Our facemasks are made in Belgium and consist for 98% of European materials. They have the required test reports from accredited laboratories and a certificate from a third party stating the used standard EN 14683: (2019). Our Type IIR face masks have a bacterial filtering efficiency BFE (%) of >99.5% and a breathing resistance (Pa/cm²) between 50 and 52 Pa/cm².

Face Mask Type IIR

The masks are certified by SGS, which is the authority for inspection and the validation of quality. This has ensured that ECA with Dromedary Industries provide the ultimate safety standards of (medical) masks due to the premium material quality and exclusive developed mask composition. These medical masks even meet the FFP2 standard according to various independent notified test bodies for the filtering  capacity. The masks could as a result be named as “Surgical FFP2 Masks” or “Comfort FFP2 Masks”  because the premium materials fit lighter and tighter compared to a standard FFP2 mask to guarantee maximal comfort and protection.    When the face masks are worn, they cover and seal the face on a larger surface as these masks are larger than the standard type 2R masks. The filtering capacity of this FFP2 qualified masks is also exceptional due to the unique meltblown composition.



- NBN  EN 14683:2019 Type IIR

- Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) >99,5%

- Differential Pressure Test 50 - 52 Pa/cm²

- Splash Test 16,0Kpa

- Stops more than 99,5% of the aerosol larger than 2.6 microns.
- Easy and efficient to use for the entire lifespan (maximum 4 hours).
- Fits perfectly on the face and filters all the air you breath.
- Made in Belgium.
- Not dependent on a foreign supplier.
- Packed per 10 pieces to make it easier to distribute.

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